Indicators on Billie Eilish You Should Know

‘In look at in the investigation to get performed in the arms deal, some aspects would not be covered by these three companies.’

cover (for sb) We've been envisioned to cover for one another if an individual is absent or is late arriving in the morning.

‘I wandered off in the trees, the sunlight pushed with the leafy cover of the trees higher than my head.’

Carrie then moved on romantically with Lucas, and perhaps became engaged. She shortly thought she was Expecting on account of an inaccurate pregnancy check, leading to her and Lucas to hurry their wedding day date.

‘They were Typically created from the series of upright stones and dry masonry, covered by a large slab.’

c. An action or Firm which is utilized to conceal an go to this website unlawful or key activity: a person who bought paintings as a cover for spying.

‘This wasn't The very first time the floor of the gallery Area were covered with loose purely natural substance.’

‘The fish's human body is covered with scales that overlap each other much like the shingles on the roof of the residence.’

‘Many of the legislation cover providers that give providers to towns but not staff on city payrolls.’

I would choose to know how to cleanse it, though the instruction booklet would not seem to cover that sort of point.

‘He is positioning himself to the Management battle, and covering his back again by allying online with the apparent successor.’

‘An suitable punishment for having covered for that president might have been 4 online a lot more many years of cleaning up immediately after him.’

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36. (Environmental Science) ecology The proportion of the bottom surface area covered by a presented species of plant

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